Kol Torah is pleased to announce there new and Updated catalogue.


VERSION 10.2 - WINTER 5776


With over 20,000 Hours of new Shiurim, Sipurim, History, Kinder Lectures and lots more, to be found in our new catalouge.

To recieve our Catalogue free of charge,

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Kol torah

Kol Torah offers a full range of audio shiurim and lectures on all topics.


We also have a large variety of all Music Accesories, starting from iPods to a single cable adapter.




Office Location:


73 Clapton Common

London E5 9AA



E: info@koltorah.co.uk

Audio Copy Centre

Kol Torah is proud to announce there Audio Copy Centre department.


With our proffesional staff we try to give super good quality when it comes to Audio editing, Audio Copying, Audio Converting and so on.

We will deal with anything that has to do with Audio.


We specialize in doing your Chasuna copies.

Its a gread idea for your souvenir by the Sheva Brochas.


Come into our office and be amazed how we can help you out.

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